Thursday, January 10, 2008

It has been a while

It has been a while since we posted. I recently had an commenter ask that we continue because of the help we have been. I don't know that I can start full time blogging again. Along with the remaining eight kids (three are out of the house now), I am now teaching a Sunday School class and taking a class at our church, along with my work schedule.

However, we certainly want to help any of you who are out there who may be struggling with your adopted children. So, we would be willing to answer you questions here. If your question can be asked in a general way, post a comment here and we will try to respond.

If the question is more personal in nature, you can either leave an e-mail address here or look at my profile and send me one from there and I will try to get back to you.

By His Grace


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brother Brother Bob:

I'd be interested in knowing more
about your Sunday School class.

What kind of people?
What source for Lessons?

Thank you.

- Brother (in Christ),
- Brother (in DNA),
- Ed