Friday, January 25, 2008

The Class I am teaching

My brother asked about the class I was teaching in the comments of the previous post.

I am currently teaching a class called The Fundamentals of the Faith on Sunday mornings at our church. It is a class for new/young believers where we systematically cover the basic doctrines of the faith. We also cover some basic areas of practice such as bible study, prayer, etc. I am teaching most of the classes, but we will bring in others to teach from time to time to give me a break and to let other qualified men have a chance to teach.

We are using as our primary doctrinal text a book by Wayne Grudem called Bible Doctrine. It is a good basic description of all the major doctrines and a number of significant minor doctrines. There are a couple of places where Professor Grudem teaches a different understanding of a particular doctrine than we would at our church. However, those differences are on what we would consider minor doctrines.

At the rate I am going, the course will probably run for about two years as we try to go slow and allow for questions and discussion. By that time we may very well have a new crop of students so I can see the class going on indefinitely.

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